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About Us

We have been exclusively focused on global and international equity mandates for over 35 years, building portfolios for our clients that include high-quality holdings at attractive valuations aligned with long-term goals. Our experienced Investment Team are guided by our unique and proven investment philosophy and process.

100% Employee Owned

Sprucegrove Investment Management Ltd. is 100% employee-owned. Maintaining our independence ensures that we can keep our deeply rooted, long-term commitment to serving our clients’ best interests.

Client Alignment

Our independence is essential for our present day and future client alignment. We proudly remain independent to maintain our focus on always doing what is right for our clients and keep a long-term perspective on firm management.

Our well-established succession plan is a significant attribute of our long-term perspective. Our clients are forward looking, and so are we.

Independence allows us to maintain a long-term focus

A Consistent Investment Philosophy & Process since 1985

Unwavering Discipline

Consistency in our people, our investment philosophy, and our process are hallmarks of Sprucegrove.

We have maintained a consistent, proven investment philosophy and process for more than 35 years, always with the goal of constructing portfolios of quality companies at attractive valuations for our clients.

Our History

From its inception in 1993, Sprucegrove has valued experience, proven methodologies, and collaboration.

After working together for 15 years, our founders – John Watson, Peter Clark, and Ian Fyfe – endeavoured to build an investment firm that is independent and client-focused, committed to building long-term relationships, and stable in its management.


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