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Our Clients

Throughout our history, we have consistently evaluated success based on the quality of our client relationships, rather than the quantity of our assets under management. Sprucegrove closely collaborates with institutional clients to clearly understand their needs and deliver portfolios that are well-aligned with their long-term objectives.

A Boutique Experience

When we begin a new partnership with an investor, our goal is to build a relationship that ideally lasts forever. To achieve this, we ensure that we’re aligned with our client’s interests, and that a long-term perspective is valued by both parties.

Client Servicing

At Sprucegrove, we are dedicated to ensuring that we stay true to our fiduciary responsibilities and to always serve our clients with excellence.

Our highly-tailored, collaborative, and responsive service fosters long-term client relationships. We don’t gauge success by the level of our assets under management, but by the longevity and quality of our client relationships. And with many of our client partnerships spanning decades, it’s clear to us that this boutique experience is ideal for both parties.

A boutique client


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We have dozens of relationships spanning decades.

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