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Diageo’s Valuations over the Decades

Sprucegrove’s inventory of investable candidates, our Working List, is comprised of roughly 400 companies fully vetted by our investment research team as high-quality names we would be pleased to own, provided valuations are attractive. Projected Return on Equity is...

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Total, Quality

Over 30 years ago our investment team first identified a quality company that excelled in leveraging its native French competitive strengths to profitably pursue new markets and regions. That company was Total SE (“Total”), with decades of expertise in oil exploration...

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Fueled by Fundamentals

Over our 35+ years1 as investment managers, we have focused on investing in quality companies at attractive valuations. We have always defined the quality of a company by the following attributes: (1) at least a 10-year track record of above-average and consistent profitability, (2) evidence of sustainable competitive advantages, (3) financial strength, (4) opportunities to grow the business and (5) capable management.

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